FIN.0 is a design platform comprised of repertoires of robotic motion, material logics, tool customization and real-time cinematic techniques networked into a dynamic interface that allows for the design and evaluation of dynamic surfaces and the motion of form.

With FIN.0 we are interested in spline geometry and motion, but not in terms of interpolating between state A and B, or the aggregated stasis of single positions derived from a moving body. Instead, we exploit the relationship between moving elements, their rhythm and the potential for multiple expressions within one form… through the choreography of form.

Students: Nicholas Barger, Evan Emery, Rangel Karaivanov, Andrew Kragness

Studio Title: TestaESTm Vertical Fall 2012 ‘R2R Reel to Real’
Instructor: Peter Testa with Brandon Kruysman, Jonathan Proto
AT: Peter Vikar

Tags: Robot | Gina | BMW | Staubli | Surface | Autodesk Maya | Touch Designer | Fabrication | Dynamic | Organic | Asteriskos | Phoenix