Asteriskos LLC is a full-service design and fabrication studio servicing architects, contractors, designers, artists and furniture makers. We provide a range of services from design to fabrication . Asteriskos bridges the gap between designer and fabricator, enabling a real world knowledge of both traditional and digital methods of making to work in conjunction with new and emerging digital software and technologies. 

We operate our design studio embedded within our 10,000 square foot fabrication facility to encourage the flow of ideas from the digital to the analog. We provide our customers an integrated approach that engages our comprehensive knowledge of digital design tools and both digital and analog methods of making. 

Founded by graduates of The Southern California Institute of Architecture, Asteriskos is expert at bringing your ideas to life, from CNC milled parts to complex installations, there is no project that we can't help you realize. 

        Asteriskos is a full service design and fabrication studio founded by Keegan D. Quick and Mikhail M. Gladchenko. We operate as a multidisciplinary design and fabrication studio, producing a variety of project types and scales. Asteriskos bridges the gap between designer and fabricator, enabling a real world knowledge of both traditional and digital methods of making to work in conjunction with new and emerging digital software and technologies. With this comprehensive knowledge, design and fabrication, we can streamline your project from concept to installation. Thus reducing costs and fabrication time without compromising design integrity. 

Not content to leave concept on paper, we bring our expertise in design, construction, and fabrication to all of our work, ensuring that our ideas are able to come to fruition while meeting the budgetary needs of our clients. 

Our design services include but not limited to: 

        •  Architectural Design 
        •  Interior Design 
        •  Public Art/Installations 
        •  Product Design 
        •  Custom Furniture

CNC Milling: 
Asteriskos offers contract CNC milling services in Phoenix as well as nationally with our MultiCAM 3000 3-axis mill. This robust CNC offers up to 24,000 rpm with an 11 HP Eurospindle equipped with an 8 automatic tool changer. In conjunction with our 10 HP Dekker Vacuum Pump and phenolic table, this machine produces your parts quickly and accurately. We can machine non-ferrous metals, hardwoods, plywood, mdf, acrylics, milling foams, and solid surfaces like Corian, up to 60 x 120 x 6 inches. 

We specialize in multi-sided machining and can accurately flip-mill as required by your job. We work with 1/1000th of an inch tolerance to deliver extreme precision and repeatability of your design.

Asteriskos produces high quality architectural millwork and cabinetry for residential, commercial, and retail clients. Our work includes kitchens, wardrobes and closets; office desks and furniture; as well as complete restaurant and retail interiors. 

Asteriskos also provides in-house finishing services. We use water-based acrylics, urethanes, oils and stains to multi- stage automotive paints. 

From conception to drawings, to fabrication, to installation, we strive to deliver the highest quality to our customers.

Asteriskos can help materialize your ideas, at any scale. We produce molds, machined components, architectural models, parts, furniture and scale mockups. 

We rigorously pursue new and creative ways of working and producing prototypes. We will always find creative solutions for your project needs, with the usage of new materials and pushing the capabilities of digital fabrication. 

We're fully able to manage the design and engineering of your prototype from concept to delivery. We also offer rapid prototyping using a range of 3D printing technologies including SLA, SLS, FDM and Powder.

3D Modeling/Parametrics: 
Asteriskos has the technology and experience to help you realize even the most complex geometries. Working from sketches or photos, we're able to build and deliver the exact 3D models in a variety of software platforms. 

Our work is created using industry standard and state of the art digital software. We work with every possible digital format and modeling techniques. From presentation to fully parametric models, the team at Asteriskos has the skills to deliver accurate and complete digital work for presentation or production.