Asteriskos LLC is a full-service design and fabrication studio servicing architects, contractors, designers, artists and furniture makers. We provide a range of services from design to fabrication . Asteriskos bridges the gap between designer and fabricator, enabling a real world knowledge of both traditional and digital methods of making to work in conjunction with new and emerging digital software and technologies. 

We operate our design studio embedded within our 10,000 square foot fabrication facility to encourage the flow of ideas from the digital to the analog. We provide our customers an integrated approach that engages our comprehensive knowledge of digital design tools and both digital and analog methods of making. 

Founded by graduates of The Southern California Institute of Architecture, Asteriskos is expert at bringing your ideas to life, from CNC milled parts to complex installations, there is no project that we can't help you realize. 


An asterisk (*; Late Latin: asteriscus, from Greek: asteriskos, "little star") is a typographical symbol or glyph. 
as·ter·isk·os / asterisk / Greek: asteriskos, "little star" 

Noun: A symbol (*) used to mark printed or written text, typically as a reference to an annotation or to stand for omitted matter. 
    1. (Linguistics) 
        a. (in historical linguistics) this sign used to indicate an unattested reconstructed form
        b. (in descriptive linguistics) this sign used to indicate that an expression is ungrammatical or in some other

Verb: Mark (printed or written text) with an asterisk: "asterisked entries". 


Astriskos is a platform of obsession for expanding territories within architecture, computational design and digital fabrication. The * is the indication of an unattested, reconstructed form and process that challenges the discourse of architecture****. Through exploration of new computational design processes our projects stand as explorations of form, generative typologies, and digital fabrication techniques, for both industry and education for the discipline of architecture and applied arts. Asteriskos' design motives and processes deviate from the normative, creating an environment of innovation and experimentation. Asteriskos founders have an extensive construction and fabrication background, along degrees form both classical and avant-garde architecture programs. Asteriskos strives to regenerate the dialog between architectural design and construction techniques, though the exploration of state-of -the-art software and devices using simulation, analysis, and digital fabrication techniques.