Yeasayer Crystalline Stage

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Yeasayer Crystalline Stage

The Yeasyer Set Design was a collaborative effort orchestrated and sponsored by The Creators Project. Casey Reas, software art pioneer was recruited to conceive the stage set and visuals. Taking inspiration from laboratory outposts, research stations and communications hubs, Reas envisioned a fractured time-space environment that utilizes the visual phenomena of reflection and refraction to create warped and glitchy tour visuals that collapse the physical environment of the stage in on itself. Architecture and design firm Aranda/Lasch headed the design for Reas' vission of a crystalline mirrored sculptures that will serve as the canvas for Yoshi Sodeoka’s Yeasayer videos and custom visuals developed by Reas and Aaron Meyers. Projectionists Nick Gould orchestrates the generative visuals that were created for the backdrop and how they were created specifically to match the contours of the prism-like structures. He breaks the visuals down into three different components: the graphics made by Yoshi Sodeoka, Reas’ custom “video synthesizer” software that helps them evolve, and the technology used to project them.
Aranda/Lasch teamed with the Architecture, design, and digital fabrication firm ASTERISKOS to research and develop materials, engineer 'living hinge', develop fabrication process, prototype, collaborate on the final design and fabricate the ambitious state environment.

Debuted| Jimmy Fallon Show August 21st, 2012
Tour| Nationally and Internationally
Sponsored by The Creators Project (Intel + VICE)

Design| Aranda/Lasch + ASTERISKOS
Prototyping/Fabrication| ASTERISKOS
Fabrication: July 2012 - August 2012


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